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Aug 26

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Aug 20

(via jobsanger: Malcolm X)

(via jobsanger: Malcolm X)

Aug 16

“Though we are quick to condemn callousness and prejudice as a form of bullying, we less readily interrogate our own participation, even as bystanders, in the widespread attack of a single person, which is a classic example of bullying. We may justify our reaction as appropriate remediation for whatever crime has been perpetrated, but fighting fire with fire rarely elevates the discourse.” — On Social Media, Some Are Susceptible to Internet Outrage -

Aug 15

PZ Myers Does Not Speak For Us | Atheist Revolution -

If we expect religious moderates to speak out against religious extremists, we must recognize that it is sometimes necessary for us to do the same.

Aug 14


Aug 13

“What are we doing complaining about Richard Dawkins being a liability to atheism when we have someone like PZ Myers likening the suicide of a depressed man to nothing but a mere distraction from other issues?” — Atheists talk about depression and Robin Williams, while some get it all wrong

Aug 12

“Is this really where the atheist/humanist/skeptic/secular community has ended up? Are we so threatened by shitty ideas and hateful speech that we’re going to attempt to purge it by any means necessary? We’ll attempt to suppress good content if it comes from someone who has said things we don’t like previously. And we’re no longer satisfied with not viewing the content ourselves and/or to speaking out against it; we now need to shun whoever created it. But even that isn’t enough, for it seems that we must now unload our outrage on anyone who dares not to participate in our shunning.” — Purging the Atheist Community of Content We Don’t Like | Atheist Revolution

PZ Myers on Robin Williams

PZ Myers on Robin Williams

Aug 11

“When Jews and Muslims attack each other with European and American weapons and money, we might remember that Christian crusaders saw Muslims as pagans and Jews as Christ-killers. We were both victims of their swords.” — Talking Justice on Twitter: “We Are Breaking Down Barriers” | Religion Dispatches

Aug 10


Knowledge Transcends FaithPerception Transcends BeliefReality Transcends Religion


Knowledge Transcends Faith
Perception Transcends Belief
Reality Transcends Religion