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Sep 21

About the Attacks on Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and other prominent atheists have been facing accusations of sexism and misogyny from a handful of rage bloggers and social justice warriors for some time. A number of one-sided stories are starting to appear in the mainstream news media in which these bloggers serve as the authors or primary sources.

Fortunately, not everyone is buying into this deliberately distorted narrative. Below is a quick sampling of some recommended reading that anyone seeking the full story will want to peruse:

Sep 20

It Will Make You Cry!

Each and every time I check Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, I see that someone has shared something - usually a video clip - accompanied by a message telling everyone that its contents “will make you cry.” If that’s the case, why the hell are you sharing it? What did I do to you that you want to make me cry?

Am I the only one who finds crying to be an unpleasant experience, something I’d generally like to avoid? Do some people enjoy crying so much that they want others to have the experience?

Sep 16

“By calling faith a virtue, playing up the religious language, and naming scripture as the source of morality, they give the extremists precisely the ammunition they need.” — Is NOT Going Back to the Dark Ages Worth Offending “Moderate” Muslims? | No Cross No Crescent

Sep 15


Christian goobers, please, read your fucking bible. Then give us a call. :P


Christian goobers, please, read your fucking bible. Then give us a call. :P

Sep 13

“The method is similar to that used in the atheist community. Criticize the existing structure from a biased perspective, block or disable dissenting opinions and discussion, wait for the inevitable trollish hatred and nasty comments, display the troll comments as proof of the initial problem, rinse and repeat. Click bait journalists eat this stuff up since it makes the page counter spin and they will publish the trolling as news, often completely overlooking the dozens or hundreds of reasoned rebuttals of the initial criticisms.” — GamerGate - The Next Phase of Social Engineering - Periscope Depth

Sep 10

“Constitutional ignorance has fueled our culture wars and perpetuated a narrative that Christianity in America is under attack.” — Satanic FOIA Reveals Deep Confusion About 1st Amendment | Religion Dispatches

Sep 09

“To be sure, “In God We Trust” has been the nation’s motto since 1956 and there’s no suggestion that it be stricken from the currency or otherwise banished. But to introduce it now in an age much more pluralistic is to invite discord.” — Misplaced motto: County council courts unnecessary trouble - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sep 08


God is only


God is only

Sep 07

“In reality, a fundamentalist interpretation of any religion can open the door to murder and massacre.” — It is about religion, Obama | New York Post

Sep 03

“The point is, the name of religion has been used continuously to justify cruelty and hatred. There’s nothing wrong with believing in something, or with religion as a concept. In fact, faith can be an amazing quality to have. It becomes an issue, however, when religious institutions impose their morals onto those who don’t believe in them.” — Why atheists care about religion | ASU News | The State Press | Arizona State University