Revolutionary Atheist

Jul 30

“What counts to me is not what you label yourself, but how you treat other people. Do you try to put yourself in other’s shoes? Are you willing to listen instead of only screaming?” — Us vs. Them or “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” | Yet another atheist late to the party

Jul 29

“While Republicans go overboard in satisfying the whims of their religious base, openly non-religious voters hardly get a hearing from the Democrats. They know we have no choice, so they can get away with it.” — If Democrats Have This Much Support from Non-Religious Americans, Why Do They Avoid Us?

Jul 28

“There’s an irony embedded in the outraged responses of the “religious liberty” crowd to the executive order signed by President Obama on Monday: if religious organizations want to discriminate against LGBT citizens in their hiring and staffing decisions, they remain perfectly free to do so. All they have to do is turn down federal money.” — The Irony in the “Religious Liberty” Argument | Religion Dispatches

Jul 27

“One common response from feminists is to say that Women Against Feminism “don’t understand what feminism is” and to invoke its dictionary definition: “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” The new anti-feminists have a rejoinder for that, too: They’re judging modern feminism by its actions, not by the book. And here, they have a point.” — What ‘Women Against Feminism’ Gets Right - TIME

Jul 25

“It’s this lack of curiosity that makes biblical literalism so damaging, scientifically, socially, and politically speaking, for once we have all the answers there’s really no need to explore, discover, or create.” — Jesus Wasn’t a “GodKlingon”; The Problem with Biblical Literalists | Religion Dispatches

Jul 21

No Shame in Being an Atheist

I’m not ashamed of being an atheist; I am somewhat ashamed that it took me the first 16 years of my life to realize that gods were not real and that it was okay to acknowledge this.

Jul 20

(via Tom Petty blasts Catholic Church for protecting pedophile priests)

(via Tom Petty blasts Catholic Church for protecting pedophile priests)

Jul 19


Jul 17

“Beliefs don’t change facts. Facts, if you’re resonable, should change your beliefs.” — Ricky Gervais (via julias—paradise)

Jul 15

“For our criticism of religion basically comes down to this: “Your confidence in a proposition should be proportional to the strength of the evidence supporting it.” Is that really something that should inspire such nastiness? And it’s not just a criticism of religion, but a criticism of faith in general, including pseudosciences like ESP and “alternative medicine.”” — Why are faitheists so nasty? « Why Evolution Is True